Orange County Fire Protection is factory authorized and approved by two manufactures of FM-200 Clean Agent Systems. Orange County Fire Protection can custom design a Kidde FM-200 Fire Suppression System for any size application. Amerex Corporation has recently entered the market with their CPS clean agent pre-engineered system.

Kidde Fire Systems FM-200 Clean Agent System

Environmentally-friendly. The preferred fire suppression system for vital facilities that can't afford fire-related business interruption of process controls, automated industrial operations, robotics, etc. Active on fire, but inert on people; non-toxic when used per NFPA Standard 2001. Safe, no-residue protection for Class A, B and C fires. UL Listed and Factory Mutual approved. USCG approved for marine applications.

Amerex CPS Clean Agent Systems

Utilizing the industry recognized FM-200 suppression agent, Amerex has developed an affordable pre-engineered clean agent fire suppression system to protect areas with sensitive electrical equipment and valuable data.

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